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New here

Postby KPEDirect » Tue Apr 12, 2016 9:17 am

Hi, I'm new here after leaving an expensive courier website. Thought id give it a go without them as i didn't take enough work from it to justify the cost! Anyhow at present it's just me (KPE Direct) with a little help from friends & acquaintances when needs be. Working out of the Leicester area on a new L3 H2 Citroen Relay with use of a 4 metre sprinter. Willing to do most things but it seems most of the work i do is in the engineering,Automotive sector.
Also kitted out with proper ppe, Hi Viz, safety boots, gloves & hard hat.

Anyone else from the Leicester area please do make yourself known, always good to have a local fellow driver/company to call on.
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