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Postby Deiex » Sat Jan 23, 2016 7:36 pm

Hi folks, arrived here after reading around and trying to discern the worthwhile places to join.

Im starting out with my own van and looking for loactions to make contacts and pick up work, and I welcome advice.

I have a lot of van related experience and Ive done a lot of miles in them over the years, driving, maintaining, picking, loading, unloading, work vans, multi site and multi drop experience, furniture delivery and assembly, clearance and moving/removal, towing, equipment and parts delivery and installation, and other stuff. Ive driven everything up to LWB 3.5T high roof, even some 5T "mini" trucks.

Ive picked up my own van, a SWB 57 plate VW T5 T30 2.5 4motion, because I needed a van and because its a nice place to be long distance with a half decent capacity. I would have preferred the LWB but this was the right van to buy after some time looking, its immaculate and has excellent maintenance history. I can only afford to run one van (and a custom Passat for non work), and I wanted something that has decent capacity but isnt oversize in towns and tight areas, hopefully its the right compromise, I can always get something bigger if its working out.

Ive got the T5 kitted out myself with a good android GPS stereo system, it gives a selection of nav options with route tracking, history, traffic warning etc, Im also a big VW fan so Ive retrofitted cruise control etc. and should be able to handle most maintenance and servicing myself. Further to that though I have full AA cover including the van.

Ive then insured it for commercial hire or reward in respect of allowing both courier work and light haulage through Staveley Head adding in extra legal cover, other worthwhile extras to limit excess amounts etc, it also brings GIT at £10000 that can be upgraded, and PL at £2mil which also can be upgraded if required.

Ive also been looking at this business for a while, read a lot of discussions and arguments etc lol.

Im dismayed by some of the work exchange sites and some of the stupid low work bids Ive seen, for myself I think price per loaded mile ideally lies between 1.11 and 0.80 - obviously the higher the better for fuel, wages, and saving for costs (maintenance, consumeables, insureance, saving for vehicle replacement etc).

Ive done a lot of miles over the years in many vehicles including long distance, Im punctual and experienced in good driving practices and journey planning etc.

Anyways, thats me. Ive tried to come into this with my eyes open and reasonably well informed.
Based in Newcastle NE40 (North East).

VW T5 2.5 SWB 4motion van. GIT £10k PL £2M. Sat Nav and experienced driver.

Available for work, local or national.
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Re: Greetings

Postby Rich » Wed Feb 17, 2016 11:08 pm

Hope you do well mate.
All the Best,
Safe And Sure Transport.
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