hey im new

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hey im new

Postby imlost87 » Wed Oct 19, 2016 1:11 pm

hi everyone just thought I would introduce myself this is my first ever forums.

my name is Michael brannigan I'm a dad to 3 beautiful but terrifying young ladies.
I'm almost married.... for my sins and quiet happy, I speak for myself.

I am a new driver I would say, I passed my test in February and a week later I managed to land a self employed contract through city sprint with aah pharmaceuticals.
I am no longer with them and I am looking at doing something different as I want to still do driving work but in spare time use the van for other types of work for example removals scrap ect. god knows were to start...

I'm basically looking to build up some relationships on this site and to gain as much from you all as possible and I I can help in some ways then I would love to.

thanks to anyone who took time to read this. :cwflag:
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